Lighting Stone
In lineair into the natural vibes i created a stone that lights up. The wired stone is similar to a real stone on daylite. At evening the stone lights...
Thee Bar Chairs
This project is led by hte idea of using more sustainable materials in our everyday life. For this reason I think is good to see more and more project...
Leather bag Heidi for Unicef
Peter Jakubik participated in the UNICEF „Week of the Blue Button“ National Collection (May 18-24, 2009) in beneficiary auction Soga with "Heidi" ...
HELLOO LED Light 2 meter
The HELLOO LED LIGHT is an example of the combination with micro-technology and design. The power of smal lights let us free to create thin lightings....
Citywear _ Milan
When cold weather and walking in a city, you can wear it as a scarf or foulard. When lost, check the map. This concept was developed in the Addictlab ...
Dollar Necklace
A necklace made from dollar notes. Each link is a dollar. The notes have not been damaged in any way: no cutting or glueing has been used. This ne...
Advertising Lab Research
DAA_Save Sex_pillow
World Football Ball
This idea was generate by the Hybridation of two concepts: Ball + Globe = World Football Ball. The aim of this project is to make players happy by...
treewear design
new design of the treewear
FunkyFunghi 2.0: Treewear _ polyester
Co-production with Tinna Ottesen from Iceland (lab member 173). This concept came in from Tinna, staying in Iceland. The Lab asked me to help out ...
Design for Japan, logo
Edit &made in the early \'00\'s coreldraw 3D
2e Confituur avond
Client: Jam sessions in Antwerp
power pose

This browser presentation automatically creates an online magazine, with the works uploaded by labmembers on the addictlab site that have been link...

tel u
futuristic and exclusive temporary living units based on a modular system
treewear - Funkyfunghi 1.0 Cardboard version.

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