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Biografia Max was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1973, and first showed his talent publicly as a budding artist when he exhibited one of his ‘very early’ illustrations at the 18th Arte Bienal de São Paulo in 1983 at the age of just 10. In the following ten years Max went to school and then to college just like most other kids but as his talent became recognised demand for his work grew. At weekends, in the evening and during school holidays he worked part time as an illustrator for many advertising and marketing agencies in São Paulo. In 1992, he joined the national TV channel, TV Cultura, as part of the special effects and set design team that produced three prize winning educational children’s programmes; ‘Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum’, ‘Glub-Glub’ and ‘Ilha Rá-Tim-Bum’. In the evenings he studied Media Communications and in 1997 he graduated from the prestigious Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), in São Paulo with an honours degree in Communications (Radio & TV). In the same year he and few other graduated students were invited to show their work in an art exhibition for the play called ‘Polochon’ at the FAAP Theatre, organised by the Museu de Arte Brasileira (MAB), in São Paulo, and the international renowned theatre group, Ornitorrinco. His first work for the press was as an editorial cartoonist in 1995, at the Folha da Tarde newspaper (currently known as Agora). In 1998, he worked as editorial cartoonist for the sports tabloid LANCE. From 1999 to 2002, he participated in the ‘International Salon of Humour of Piracicaba’ (the outstanding International-Brazilian humour event, that happens every year since 1974), where in 1999 he won first prize with a ‘charge’ (editorial cartoon), and in 2001 with a comic strip. In 2002 he won first prize in ‘comics’ category in the International Festival of Humour of Pernambuco (Recife), a similar festival held in a major city of the northeast of Brazil. In recent years he has worked on a variety of projects including the creation of editorial cartoons, caricatures, comics strips and storyboards for Brazilian newspapers such as Folha de S.Paulo, Agora and Gazeta Esportiva and also for local film production companies such as O2, DM9 and Filmmakers. He also collaborated with illustrations for a wide variety of national magazines, books and journals ranging from the educational (Viver Psicologia) and children books illustration (O Livro dos Gnomos), to the erotic (Sexy). In the comic book arena, his illustrations have appeared in many full colour magazines such as Heavy Metal, Special Edition - Brazil, Audio Sexy and Front and his own cartoon characters ‘Betty Grupy’,and ‘Engrenas (a kind of ‘live’ engine) were given their own titles early this year. 2003, 2nd Art Exhibition (Comics), entitled ‘Consecuencias’ at the Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales and Instituto de la Juventud, in Madrid this December, where he hopes to launch his work in the European arena and also exchange ideas with fellow artists. Work as art director of Wendy and Rita Magazine in Barcelona. Todey is married and have a baby boy. Detailed Profile Current Occupation Entrepreneur, cartoonist and illustrator Education Degree in Communications (Radio & TV): BA (Hons), 1997 Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), in São Paulo, Brazil Secondary School (equivalent to A Levels), 1991 Escola de Segundo Grau ‘Presidente Roosevelt’, São Paulo, Brazil Portuguese Language, Portuguese Literature, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English Language, Arts, Philosophy Courses 1987 Airbrush (techniques and effects) - Aeroart , SP 1991 Computers (Page Maker, Corel Draw, PhotoShop) Advertisement Video (script to edition) – Luta Films, SP 1992 Comics (history, authors, vehicle) - Luiz Gê- Oswald de Andrade, SP 1995 Computers (Basic knowledge Mac) – Paradoxx, SP 1999 Macromedia Flash 4.0 (animation for the web), SP Competitions 1986 1st Health & Safety Poster Competition, Banco Noroeste, SP - 1st prize 1987 2nd Health & Safety Poster Competition, Banco Noroeste, SP - 1st prize 1991 Major Competition of Super-Heroes, Editora April, SP - among best 20 1987/93 International Saloon of Humour, Piracicaba, SP (works exhibited) 1999 26th International Salon of Humour, Piracicaba, SP– 1st prize (editorial cartoon) 2001 28th International Salon of Humour, Piracicaba, SP– 1st prize (comic strip) 2002 4th International Festival of Humour, PB (Recife) – 1st prize (comic strip) 2002 – 2º th Hermes Saria de Humor de Barakaldo (Bilbao-Espanha) – 2st prize - Cartum Exhibitions 1985 Acrylic on Canvas (6m x 2m) / 18th Bienal - São Paulo / SP 1992 Pocket Women (one man show) / Kuru-Kuru Gallery / SP 1995 Pocket Women (one man show) / Aeroanta Club / SP 1996 Pocket Women (one man show) / Espaco de Arte Petit Comité / SP UBU - The Pata-physics in the Tropics / MAB & FAAP / SP 1998 Se Pinta o Penta / Sesc / SP Kaiser com Humor / Araraquara / SP 2000 12th Salao de Artes - ACESP – Pinheiros / SP 2001 Mostra de Humor / Votuporanga – Votuporiso / SP Bota Fora – Humor pela cidadania - organised by Pablo Caruso Salao de Arte Comtemporanea – Barueri / SP 2003 – Caricatura of Famous – Armazem de Café – Amadora - Portugal Performances Live Body Painting Performances: Demonstrated the art of body painting live to a large audience. 1996 Body Art Painting / Latino Nightclub - Scorpions Night I / SP 1996 Body painting / Latino Nightclub - Scorpions Night ll / SP 1997 Body Painting / Latino Nightclub - Scorpions Night III /SP Professional Graphic Art Experience 1988 Layout and illustrations - Citibank N.A. - Legal Division / SP 1989 - 1990 Story-board and artwork – Arte-Green Advertisement Agency / SP 1991 – 1992 Manual, slides, publicity mail shots, illustrations - OPT Propaganda and Marketing / SP 1995 Special Effects Technician - TV Cultura and independent TV production companies / SP 1996 – 1998 CD Covers - Paradoxx/ Sky Music/Velas / SP 1998 Final Art Editing - Tarde/ Notícias Populares/ Folha of São Paulo newspapers 1998 – 2001 Editorial Cartoons and Story-Board illustrations – Diario, LANCE and Gazeta Esportiva newspapers 2002 Editorial Cartoons and Story-Board illustrations – Diario, AGORA newspaper 2003 Editora Impala – artwork Press work 1987 – 1988 Illustrations, comic strips and editorial cartoons - APAM newspaper (Association of Environment Protection) Art Director– Criatividade Journal 1993 Illustrations, comic strips and editorial cartoons – FAAP University Magazine Illustrations and comic strips - Brasil Agora Journal 1995 Illustrations - Sexy Interview Magazine 1996 Illustrations - Audio Sexy Magazine Illustrations, tables and story-board – Jornal da Tarde/Jornal Noticias Populares// Folha de São Paulo 1998 -2000 Illustrations and editorial cartoons - Diario de Esportes LANCE! 2001 Illustrations, editorial cartonns and story-board – Gazeta Esportiva /Folha de São Paulo/Jornal Agora 2002 – Illustrations - Magazines: Exame, Super-Maxim e TVMais. Editora Impala, Abril(edimpresa) - (Portugal) 2003 - Jornal de Notícias newspaper- Porto/Portugal Comics 1996 Magazine HQ Brazil – Editora Opera Grafica Heavy Magazine Metal - Special edition - Brazil 2001 Book Front Nº7 – Editora Via Lettera Book Front Nº8 - Editora Via Lettera Magazine Betty Grupy – Editora Escala 2002 Book Front Nº9 – Editora Via Lettera Theatre 1988 Stage Scenery and visual programming for the play Caiu o Ministério.(Citybank N.A.) 1993 Make-up artist for the play Hair (direction: Jorge Fernando), SP 2002 Stage Scenery and visual programming for the play " A Bruxinha que era Boa" Maria Clara Machado - Director: Thais de Campos - Lisboa – Portugal Cinema and Advertising 1992 Story-board and script - Kellogg’s (Thompson-Filmmakers) Story-board - Pirelli (Futura-Filmmakers) 1993 Story-board - Spa Campos do Jordão Story-board - Video Clip - Rita Lee 1995 Illustration - Sadia (Omnicom) Branded Character creation - Conde Strogonophs (Cactus) Special Effects - Conibra (ASK) Special Effects - TV Mappim (TVT) Shooting-board – Linhas Corrente (Jodaf) Shooting-board – O Globo (Jodaf) Shooting-board - Renner (Jodaf) 1996 Shooting-board – Diario Popular (TVT) Shooting-board – Bovespa (Filmmakers) Shooting-board Itaú (Pico) 1997 until present Story-board for miscellaneous commercial ads and films (O2) TV/Video 1989 TV Talk programme - special TV appearance – A palavra do leitor FDE – Foundation for Development of Education 1993 Story-board - Otroba (Festival do Minuto) 1993 – 1995 Development and construction of scenery props and characters costumes for: Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum (TV Cultura) Fanzine (TV Culture) X-Tudo (TV Culture) Story-board of the mini-series opening, Boizeróis (TV Cultura) Júlio and Júlia (TV Cultura) Deep Sea Project - Glub-Glub (TV 2 Cultura) Cocoricó (TV Cultura) Creation, construction and operation of E.T costume, ‘Looking at for sky’ (TV Cultura) 1994 Short movie – making and direction - The Elephant Nose – Super 8 1996 Short movie – making and direction – The Ugly and The Bad – Country Singers - Super VHS 1996 Short movie – making and direction – Wolvertine - U-Matic Events 1994 Story-board - Pick-Up S-10 GM – Car Launching (GTM) Scenery – Nativity Display for Shopping Center Iguatemi (GTM) Head Mock-Up – SEGA - Serice Game (Catum Pocotó) Design and construction of the Ararajuba doll (human size costume) for The World Cup - Petrobras (Catum Pocotó) 1995 Design and construction of 10 (2x human size) dolls - Holiday on Ice. - Sopão Knorr (Catum Pocotó) Ice Counter - Launching of the new Halls refreshing sweets (Provec) 1996 Design and construction of human size dolls - Ugly and Badly - Country Singers Creation of nativity set for Shopping Center SP Market (The One) 1997 Creation of human size dolls – Amusement Park Playcenter of Bahia (Future Tech) 1998 Stage Scenery – Nativity display of Shopping Center Iguatemi (GTM) 2001 Caricatures (Centro de eventos Center Norte) – charity party Stage Display Launching of Sorriso campaign for Antartica(GTM) Caricatures in the Park of the Ibirapuera - Project GNT References Available upon request Work samples Available upon request


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