Tuesday, 01 November 2011

Today, we're setting up our research on Travel & Tourisme.


Our mission:

1. discover and accelerate creative talent from any discipline with relevant ideas on the matter. This acceleration can be via publishing these ideas and people, and/or trying to take them a step further.

2. Scan the addictlab database for new ideas and offer inspiration showersTM to interested companies and organisations.

3. Organise brainstorming sessions & ideation generation - Creative X-Rays®- for interested partners, in order to find ideas and solutions on relevant matters. We do this by addictlab's own out of the box methodology, inviting creative thinkers both IRL as online from different cultures and backgrounds.

4. Publish findings in a new Ad!dict book, #31, where concepts are relevant to share and not confidential.

5. Offer ideas and concepts to partners and labclients that stay confidential.

6. Help in executing and making the ideas happen.


Interested? Register and upload your new work related to travel & tourism!

Have a look at www.touristlab.org


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