WORK #10089
#10089 : Stealth Desklamp


Stealth, the new collection of resembles furniture in the aesthetics based on Stealth planes. The lines , lightness and the way to play with gravity comes forward in the product line that consists of a wall light, shelf, desk light and a stool. The desk lamp is a creation where functionality is the most important issue. The typical type of desk is changing because of the shift from paper to digital media. That’s why there is a need for a new type of desk lamp, one that doesn’t have to enlighten the whole desk area. It is designed to illuminate the keyboard and the small working space beside it to allow both typing and taking notes. Due to the low height of the light source you will not be blinded by it and it will not interfere with the computer screen. The main material in my work is metal. The passion to extend the boundaries of the material with new techniques in combination of craftsmanship is the challenge to create new products. And this with a 100% recyclable material.






Beautiful! In production?
Saturday, 23 June 2012 06:22 by jan,

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