WORK #8449
#8449 : Sweets


Sweet Memories Candy bundles pure happiness and the innocent enjoyment of reminiscent childhoods The new jewellery collection launched by designer Elisabeth Leenknegt takes you on a magical journey into cherished memories, reflected in the playful shapes and enchanting colours of her blown glass necklaces, earrings and rings flawlessly complemented with precision ironwork as a finishing touch. Recollecting the allure of those sweets with enticing names such as; clove rock, pear drops, lemon sherbet, mint humbugs, cream fudge, bulls eyes, jelly babies and dolly mixtures that generous grandparents or relatives gave as special gifts. The sweetest memories are frequently intertwined with the senses of taste and smell. This is how candy emphasizes the joyful key moments in life. Remember: births and birthdays, weddings, Sundays, Halloween, religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Glasssweets In the thirteenth century candy was quite a treat and only available for those rich and fortunate enough to enjoy a privileged life at one of the European Court houses. At that time Venice, a city of indolent indulgence was without doubt the European city with the sweetest tooth. In the many exquisite palazzo’s famous designers, under assignment from the nobility competed with each other to create the most splendid sugar sculptures Not surprisingly cause Venice was at this time, the world capital of glassblowing. A considerable amount of techniques from this noble art are still used in the production of sweets. Elisabeth Leenknegt reverses the roles and translates the traditional candy techniques into a unique blown glass collection: Sweet Memories





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