WORK #9258
#9258 : logo pilot point


explaining the logo: I first tried to find some typographic similarities and found plenty of them as you can see in the logo. The "P" and "T" of the two words are combined, also the "L" and the "i" are combined to almost one balk. This on the other hand does not trouble you to read the words. I made it in a circle to discribe the highest "point" in the flat region. The colour of the circle is the same as used on your website and it is a bright colour to represent the bright past and future. It also describes the future importance of this "point". The font used is myriad, to give it a nowadays look, but not too futuristic either. I made it italic because of the movement/evolution that there is in this town. the slogan: "piloting the way" also represents and honours the past and the future, without using the exact words. The word pilot used for drivers of early wagon trains can be represented now as navigating the town towards a bright future.





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