WORK #9289
#9289 : City on the Water-Greater Helsinki Densification Concept


GREATER HELSINKI • Architecture: To brake out with the existing fashionable architectures and current modern trends, based on the show of wealth of their promoters and pseudo aesthetic devastating Mother Nature, we propose the new superstructures which will reflect the connection between the Earth and Cosmos. The newly created crust will substitute the existing untouched earth surface but will still enable the transport of energy and transparency. (See the cross section scheme 02). In our model, we offer a naturally formed morphology created by the new structural web containing the programmed functions of dwellings and their infrastructures. The creation of soft-lined forms and volumes harmonizing the existing natural fixtures with the existing building stock will better correspond to the needs of the Helsinki area natural landscape.  Light superstructures composed of a number of levels, supported by a regular grid of columns, which contain the vertical circulation devices that connect them to the totally free ground floor level left in its natural and original form.  The application of principles of sustainable building design based on reduced CO² emission technologies, creation of bio-filters, use of the natural non-fossil resources for energy production, grey water recycling, rain waters management, and the application of solar passive principle, will all participate in the synergy of the new created ensembles. (See item 5, Tuusula Cluster Model calculations). In the proposed new structures, we have obtained a higher density coefficient than in the existing traditional ones without negative environmental impact. (See attached calculations scheme 09). The principle of open plan enables further changes of family structure, grouping and division of created volumes and will ensure the sustainability of created clusters. (See scheme 03). • The mobility & Transport 1- GH “Motorway” and Railway Ring (See scheme 0.4). 2- Local penetration “motorways” (See scheme 04). 3- Subway (See scheme 04). 4- Canal waterways (See scheme 05). 5- Bike-car passage web. The bike-cars and other vehicles based on non-polluting energies will not require a heavy structure road system. The wooden paths and other natural light materials will ensure the supporting web of roads for this type of communication. (See scheme 05). In the created ensembles, the local mobility will be ensured by the vertical circulation based on the regular grid of the supporting structure and system of ramps enabling an easy access to all facilities for everyone. • Environmentally Synergetic Housing Principles The destroyed natural landscape by traditional modes of construction should be restored and built up with architecture based on the interaction between the surrounding natural fittings and the newly created volumes. (See scheme 07). The soft and natural created tectonic lines will remind us that we are part of Nature: important, clever, responsible; yearning for peace and harmony. We propose to realize an urban organism based on optimal parameters indispensable for sustainable development through: A – The realization of a high population density without turning to the typical box-like sky scrapers of the last XX century, through the application of a superstructure of terraced suspended gardens. This superstructure will soften the damage done to Nature during the years of extensive exploitation and partially restore the original natural morphology of the site. B – The creation of an environment without traffic noise and air pollution. C - The autonomy of the proposed ensemble based on solar, wind, and combustion of trash energy with recuperation of rain water and the re-usage of grey waters for energy and consumption needs. D – Enhanced mobility based on non-polluting means of collective and personal transport devices (See scheme 04 & 05). • Urban Environment A - Greening of the city and its effect on environmental control: Environmental control effects of rooftop greening I – Indoor environment: thermal insulation, sound insulation, reduced impact of solar radiation. II – Outdoor environment: sound absorption: reduced reflection of solar heat, amenities enhancement. III – Urban environment: reduction of heat island, mitigation of urban flooding, reduction of desiccation, absorption of CO², improvement of the urban landscape. B - Creation of environmentally friendly and comfortable urban spaces: A truly comfortable indoor environment can only be created in relation to a good outdoor environment with a careful balance between: The Earth - The City – Constructed surroundings – Indoor space. A building creates a new microclimate around it. In urban areas packed with buildings, the space is much more enclosed. A specific microclimate is created in a building’s surroundings, depending on its special form and building materials. So we can say that the microclimates of building surroundings are the key to creating a comfortable and environmentally friendly living space in cities. D - Proposal for a climate vision for the great Helsinki Area: 1. Reduced CO² emissions: -Through improved energy efficiency & economical use of natural resources 2. Traffic: - Preference is given to public transportation and reduced individual transport use through correct distribution of various urban facilities (health, services, commerce, work places and other). - Use of none polluting transport means such us bike, car-bike, cars based on eco-fuel, water ways and extensive pedestrian paths web. 3. Land use: - Well integrated and harmonized with natural landscape volumes, breaking with the concept of ancient box-like structures. - Correct distribution of various urban functions, supported by rail links and other sustainable links like new created water canal ways. -Good orientation for solar passive efficiency (light and energy). 4. Building: - Research for a new concept of a sustainable “building” with reduced harmful emissions 5. Energy production and distribution by local integrated generators.





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