WORK #9843
#9843 : Tristan Cai


PHYSICAL REALITIES OF DEATH. A MEMOIR OF TOIVO LAUKKANEN, 2009-2010 Tristan well remembers the first time he met Toivo: He was walking frantically, taking big strides, his neck perched out and his hair in a huge mess. Tristan knew he had to photograph this man, he had so much character that one could hardly miss. It was outside the Central Railway Station where Tristan met him. He approached and said "hi" and in response Toivo shoved his hand into his face signaling his disinterest in having a conversation with him. After a while they managed to have a conversation and Toivo was flattered by Tristan's interest in wanting to photograph him. They soon began to meet every couple weeks. It was a privilege for Tristan to be able to document Toivo's life, however unexpectedly to its end.





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