Subscription Plans

Plan Duration
Subscribe to a dedicated lab
As a labclient, you can kick of your own lab ( which involves a lot of resources and briefings from our side. Or you can subscribe to a lab research project. This will allow you to visit projects that are confidential and not open to public. example: The Luxury Lab research, price/lab/month : 250 € price/year: was 3000€ , now 2750€ (prices excl VAT)
1 Year(s)
2750.00 €
Book a labmember
You can commission Creative X-Rays and other brainstorming sessions, for which we select creative thinkers to join the Addictlab collaborative processes. But you can also book a labmember individually, when interested in her/his creative skills. Price/week or Price/hour: depends on the labmember. Go to the labmember's file, and click on 'BOOK THIS LABMEMBER' and fill in the form
1 Week(s)
400.00 €
Buy Your Own Dedicated Domain
Your own domain name linked to your labfile. You can have your own domain name and link it to your labfile, your page at Addictlab. Your Own Dedicated Domain, linked to your page at addictlab for just 65€. All Hosting and Domains are provided in collaboration with RUBBERDUCK.BE who have been hosting Addictlab for ages. For questions concerning Hosting And Domains please contact [email protected] - price/year: 65.00 € So why not be:, or Or keep it simple and go for something like:
1 Year(s)
65.00 €

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