Lab Services

Collective intelligence.
The act of creating, regardless of what discipline, is a valuable activity to do in group. Creating, eg giving life to a concept, product or idea that didn’t exist before is an experience that can be shared, discussed and enhanced by any team. Add to that a series of new technologies, brainstorm methodologies and tools in a lab surrounding, where everything is allowed and failure should be part of the process, and you have a fertile environment for building your team.

Addictlab has a history of consultancy for big and small entreprises, companies, organisations and companies. Use our tools to brainstorm, define new ideas and even prototype. Ask for our deliverables after brainstorm sessions.

SDG impact evaluation.
How does your company or organisation score related to the SDGs? How can you make your brand, products, organisations compliant to the United Nations’s 2030 goals? With partners such as the University of Geneva, the SDG lab, the SDG solution space, and custom created tools based on the SDGs, a session will help you to evaluate – and create sustainable change.

SDG Impact Evaluation Kit
SDG Idea Wall
SDG Linkages wall
SDG idea flyers
SDG Games

Coherent branding: use the tools, design thinking and gamification to make sure your activities, products, people and assets are helping to build a coherent brand.

Teambuilding: Challenges.
An important aspect is the challenges the group will face during the event. This should be set based on prior briefing. We encourage an intake meeting to discuss the needs, specifics, the background of the team and company we will host. The lab challenges thus set necessary goals of the session, and is important to the design and navigation of the team building session.

International Geneva.
With our activities, the lab space at the campus Biotech, the publication of the SDGZINE magazine, the fab labs and maker spaces, Addictlab is part of an innovative eco system in Geneva that can organise your hackatons, brainstorming sessions and team building events in a truly unique and credible environment.

Leaving Traces.
With what do you walk away? What comes out of a session? Do not ‘just’ have an afternoon of alternative fun in a lab. Build, prepare, document. Ask for our imaginary magazine concept, our Idea database, and more.

Lab Lunch.
We go all the way in creating brand experiences : even food and space can be designed to reinforce the theme of the day or the brand at hand.

Inspirational spaces.
Do not take your people into a boring hotel seminar space with carpets. We select spaces that are inspirational.


  • Teambuilding & collective intelligence
  • Advertising & strategy
  • brainstorm facilitation
  • Inspiration showers
  • Creative X-Ray
  • Tools
  • Creative Chemistry cards
  • Pantonize
  • Mobile creative lab
  • the idea green house
  • Imaginary Magazine
  • Idea wall & flyers
  • Virtual Reality ideation tools