Addictlab Academy Curriculum

#AR-01228 Addictlab Academy Curriculum

Example of the cross-disciplinary curriculum at the Addictlab Academy.

Addictlab Academy

Curriculum Year 2021-2022

age group: 6 - 10

A. Art  & Narrative

  • drawing (perspective, figure,..)
  • drawing in 21st century (VR stations, 3D pens)
  • colour research (Pantonize)
  • Stop motion movie & the importance of telling stories


B. Design & Imagineering

  • creating documentation skills
  • ideation (LEGO spike, little bits, ..)
  • Project based learning
  • measuring, creation of a plan


C. Machine Learning

  • introduction and first use of the following machines
  • Snapmaker 2.0 CNC/ Trotec Laser cutter / Vinyl cutter / 3D Printer / 3D food printer


D. Software & coding

Use of intuitive tools for design, programmation

and coding

  • introduction to Adobe Illustrator
  • introduction to Cura for 3D printing
  • introduction to Tinkercad for 3D modelling
  • Scratch
  • Microbit  & other programming


E. Maker space & Engineering

  • Organisation and lab maintenance
  • Safety awareness and instructions
  • Reverse Engineering
  • DIY: Electric circuits
  • Electric table saw / drill /saw
  • dismantling & opening up machines, computers,..



F. Responsibilities & Sustainable Development Goals

Awareness projects on the Sustainable Development Goals & the SDG Solution Space

  • Coding for good  / SDG game design
  • use of recycled plastic, wood, fabric, cardboard, as resources for all projects
  • Stop motion movie on SDGs


G. Documentation

Importance and emphasis on the need for documentation and inventory of projects.

  • Use of photography tools / lightbox
  • creation of content for SDGzine


H. Tradition / History

Respect for and discovering of old creative techniques,

  • Kintsugi
  • cyanotype photography


I. Empowerment, soft skills and communication

  • collaboration
  • sharing of knowledge
  • presentation of projects


J. Profiling

  • Use of Creative Chemistry Cards for profiling: interest, skills, strenghts, weaknesses
  • IB profile & SDG Impact kits



(Bringing the lab outdoor and the outdoor in the lab - *some activities only when location permits)

  • biodiversity & coding
  • bird cage/feeding
  • plant documentation, herbarium
  • chocolate fossil moulding
  • animals / night camera
  • google earth & climate change


L. Challenges and Badges

End of year challenges to obtain selected badges