About Addictlab

About this site.

Addictlab is a bottom-up and self-managed cultural platform, that guests creative thinkers from all disciplines and cultures, aiming to create a global display for cultures and ideas through networking, to improve local talents empowerment, and to create sustainable change.

What can you do?

1. Register & profile yourself / Present yourself - what are your skills, your profession, and what is your drive and passion? 

2. Link to a creative hub / Link your profile to a creative hub if applicable. 

3. Use as your creative portfolio / Upload your work on our profile. Link it to projects, creative disciplines

4. Understand about the Sustainable Development Goals The navigation system through this site are the creative disciplines but also the 17 sustainable development goals as eveloped by the UN

5. Join a collaborative project / Comment on ideas, link your work to that project, join in the conversation. Maybe even get published.

6. Start your own project. Have an idea to work on? You can start your own research - attention, Addictlab management needs to approve your project 

Other Addictlab projects include:

Lab services/Whereas the Addictlab.com community is all about free research and experimentation, it functions as the R&D department for Your Own Lab, a consultancy and business unit focussing on collective intelligence.

Lab Academy: Share ideas & educate / The Addictlab Academy is our educational department developing tools to create awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals , Science Technology Engineering Art Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) and create a holistic approach on education 

Publications/ Addictlab published over 35 magazines and books on creative topics, and has now started pubiihing the SDGzine www.sdgzine.org

Other functions? 

Create your Photo album /Make Friends / Send Messages /Shop

Create a Hub & build your own online community

Lab services/ please contact labservices for all conditions


Create a Project & build your own online brainstorming tool

Lab services/ please contact labservices for all conditions