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Frederik De Wilde's artistic praxis situates itself on the interstice of art/design, science and technology exploring notions of the invisible, inaudible and intangible. Frederik is fascinated by “dark” ecologies and invisible territories and the radical shifts technology imposes on society and our “environment”, which he explores sometimes on the side of the technological, often in the conceptual, perceptual, sensorial and human register. His art is grounded in the interaction between complex systems and processes resulting in a post-minimal techno-poetic aesthetic. Art, for De Wilde, is not only a mirror to reflect on society with a critical lens; it's also a hammer to shape it. Ultimately he seeks to (re-)connect our humanness while making us excited again for the unknown instead of fearing it. An excellent example is the conceptualisation of the pioneering original Blackest-Black artworks (a new nano engineered colour for a new industrial revolution exploring the nature of nothingness) made in collaboration with Rice University and NASA. The project received the 2010 Ars Electronica Next Idea Award and the Best European Collaboration Award between an artist and scientist. The project was extensively covered (e.g. Huffington Post, Dazzed, Creators Project, TED ideas worth spreading, Creativity World Forum 2011, and inspired many other artists worldwide; most notably Sir Anish Kapoor (Vantablack).

CMU MOONARK Core member in collaboration with NASA, Astrobotic and Space-X, Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, associated member of Diplomatic World, ...

Finalist of ‘Giant Steps’ x-prize lab MIT, ZKM app art award, WORTH.EU, TED WORLD WIDE TALENT SEARCH 2013 ...

Partners: KIT Karlsruhe, Hasselt University, Wyoming University (AI lab), ESTEC, NASA, JRC EU, GLUON, Baltan Labs, ...

Exhibitions: Venice Biennial, BOZAR,Le Musée L, National Gallery Singapore, Artscience Museum Singapore, MAAT, ...

Shortfilm: Joy Palace 

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