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I am HATUNGIMANA Ephrem, a Burundian by nationality, aged 46 years. I am currently living in Kenya. I was born on 6th February 1978 and started my education curriculum in 1980 when I was 4. I completed my Secondary Education in 1996 and went to the University of Burundi between 1997-2001 whereby I completed my Diploma in Business at the High Institute of Commerce with a Concentration in the Secretariat of Direction. During my career as a Professional, I have been a project planner and project designer in favor of the Association for the Social Reintegration of the Blinds in Burundi from 2002 up to 2016. Equally important, I have served as a Scout Leader for the Burundi Scouts Association whereby I have been the Saint Paul II Group Scout Leader at the Lycée of Kayanza where I completed my Secondary Education, the Rover Scouts Leader at the Bon Pasteur Scouts Group in Mutanga North in Bujumbura, the Troop Scouts Leader at Saint Uriel in Mutanga South in Bujumbura, the Cub Scouts Leader in Saint Aubin in Nyakabiga in Bujumbura, and the Regional Scouts Commissioner in Kayanza located in the North of Burundi.

While I was serving the Association for the Social Reintegration of the Blinds in Burundi, I was able to be the Founder of the Global Consulting and Training Company that has finally become the Global Consulting and Social Business Lab. In 2019, I was the Winner of the Open Seventeen Challenge which is organized every year by the Geneva Tsinghua Initiative of the Geneva University in Switzerland and the Tsinghua University in China. My Project Global Consulting and Social Business Lab was awarded the Best Innovative Project as the first project to introduce the engagement of Holders of Secondary Certificates, Diploma, and Degrees in order to boost their creativity and empower them by contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by generating new ideas for tackling Community Challenges.

From 2019 to 2021, I completed my Diploma in Social Work from Regis University and the Certificate in Learning Facilitator Course at the Catholic University of Germany. Currently, I am doing a   Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development   (BASD) at Xavier University. Additionally, I am working on the Harry’s Nursery for Founders Program, a program that contributes to achieving the following objectives:

·         Prepare targeted children  to have entrepreneurial skills and entrepreneurship mindset,

·         To educate children to do savings that they will use for establishing their own start-ups and ventures when they complete their education curriculum,

·         To discover how they can apply what  they learn through practicum of entrepreneurial skills

·         To involve children to become engaged for Community Development by helping them become aware of the Sustainable Development Goals on the one hand, and accompanying them through developing their own ideas on the other hand.

Finally, I would mention that I like Scouting, Camping, Playing Guitar, Going for long walks, Singing, and Spending Time with Children through Games and Songs.

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