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My passion: learning. 

I'm curious, passionate and driven. Parents, teachers and especially the children face a lot of complex problems in the world of today. 

What can my contribution be?

I want to make children understand the world, as it is, with its issues, its questionings, its doubts and, of course, its beauty as well. For children, we tend to just avoid some society topics, or to embellish things too much. It’s exactly the topics I want to talk about, in a direct, open way. I want to help teachers and parents start a conversation with their children, and explain things as they are. Divorce, finance, bullying, identity, art, creativity,.... Sooner or later, children will ask questions. And they are much more mature than we think. They can understand a lot, if we explain things in a language they can understand. My language: didactical stories. 

In my books, there are always levels of understanding. I see them as openings, helping hands for educators, parents or teachers, to explain complex topics. 

The frog in “Friend” wears rainbow pants. He is “different”. It’s an opening for the parents to explain identity, Lgbtqi if they wish to. 

The red dog in “Sheep looks for money” is sick, he cannot work. How can he make money? Here, it’s a “helping hand” to explain our social security system.

In my new book, Count Itti , a poor king is looking for ways to save his land. But his advisors offer always the same solutions… Many openings to start an exchange on innovation, creativity and when it is needed to break the rules, think outside the box.

The visual style I choose for my books are also part of the message. For “I see, I see”, Memphis style reinforced the idea of peace and silence in an agitated world. Count Itti is drawn as Graffiti, which is a symbol of rebellious creativity.

Of course, the medium can be something else than a book. For JBC’s Rainbow City Warriors, I co-created a clothes collection. Clothes, inspired by sportswear, in which children can play in the city and be themselves. Not so long ago, it seemed children had to be dressed like adults to go to school!

 When there is a complex topic - be it philosophical, social, controversial - I’ll try to untangle it. And to find possible ways to start a conversation about it with children. I have an associative mind, I’ll try to go for the unexpected. In the medium as well: stories, events, clothes collections, concepts, pedagogy book… 

 My goal is to educate. We have so many challenges to come. 

Educating the children  who will make the world a better place starts now. 

And it’s my deepest motivation is to be part of it.


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