#199 Word clock

Making a word clock using a Arduino Uno.
The point of this project is to make a clock that tells time with words instead of a circular clock. There is a black plexi glass which has see through letters in it and LED's below it. Using this we try to make a clock that spells out what time it is at any given time.
The parts we have used:
-  Arduino Uno
- RTC 5v
- 3x 8-bit shift register with output latch 
- 3x array of 8 darlingtons
- 2x white LED strip
- 3x IC- socket 16P tulp contact
- 3x IC-socket 18P tulp contact
- universal power supply 12VDC-2A-24W
- Eurocard 100x160mm
- wire full core 0.2 mm kit 10 colors 60m(way too much)
- Header 1 row straight 40p
- wirebridge 40-p 30cm vr nr vr

By Issa Floré
Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium
  • Technology/ICT

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