#254 Inner Grounds 2019 - Lambdaprint 50x50cm

This is a serie of 4 images. I've rethought the idea of identity and the inner side of it all. 

How memories and experiences in the world are creating your inner space, inner identity. It is a connection between the world outside and the world inside. That’s the ground or the basic we start from. It is an inner identity – connected with everything around the subject. An existential view of existence.

A selfportrait from the inside out, connected with the world or grounds in nature.

A Beauty is within. Is something inside that comes out. That attracts and connect people with each other. Beauty is a mindset, a way of thinking and looking, feeling. Beauty is love and respect for yourself so you can see beauty in everything and everyone. Beauty is something we can discover. If we dare to put ourselves in that world. Beauty is consolation. Beauty is a contrast with the ugliness. The antidote to the darkness and emtyness in the world. May’be a medicine to recover from all that poison. Beauty is art, is life is a way of being. And it makes us all more beautiful.


Antwerp, Belgium
  • Culture/Photography

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