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C est la 3eme semaine de Fabricademy : Circular Fashion

a pattern with connexion which will be used to create a garment which could be resized or modified just by changing parts.

Paper Test

I will start with a basic shape which can allow to build flat structure. Then I am interested by finding a shape with which it is easy to scale (like Ax paper A0 = 2 A1 = 4 A2 = 8 A3 =16 A4). Does it exist in nature this kind of structure ? I decided to used a hexagone shape with half circle as connector. I did it with Rhino just debause I need to practice. I create a polygone with 6 sides, then using each sides as a diameter, I added 6 circles, then using Trim Command I get ride of the unwanted lines.

6 faces means 3 male connectors + 3 female connectors so I decided to split my hexagone in two part, one side 3 holes other side 3 Connectors.




By Jean-Marie Durney
  • Critical Thinking /SDGS
  • Culture/Fashion

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