#388 Portals of Time

I pay tribute to Trees by creating a painted mandala Portals. These Portals are mending the Contrasts of Life and Death of the trees into one continuous flow of time.
We as humans sense a dramatic Contrast between Presence and Absence. Existence and Non-Existence.
In this artwork, the life of a tree is extended into the Infinity through the mandala Portal. The very symbol of mandala creates a visual Portal for our mind, mending the Contrast of broken ends of Circle of Life.
Mandala as a symbolic picture of the Universe is a circle that  represents wholeness, totality, infinity, timelessness, and unity.

In ancient Sanskrit language of India, mandala stands for Circle or Center, the wheel of Cosmic Geometry, ever-changing and ever-lasting. This visually centered, symmetrical symbol is found in all ancient cultures and used as artistic and meditation practice today.

Our eyes recognize it's pattern naturally as the core Code of Life. It appears in macro world as well as micro worlds. Because of this inherent universal pattern recognition, we see it's presence in rings of a tree, flowers, human eye, snowflake, spider web, swarm of bees, school of fish, radio-waves, tornado or just by pressing onto our closed eyelids.
The rings of a tree are joining into sacred geometry of cosmic dance of time through these painted mandala portals.


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