From the time I was 7 I always had computers, ZX81, Schneider (in times of Comodore =)), AT486, etcetc. When I was a kid sometimes I could assist my dad on major electricity outage interventions in the server and mainframe room of Baltimore Aircoil. I was amazed by all these hardware I saw.

Despide the choises I made (graphic design, electronics, electrity, arts) always ended up in IT =)

At this time I'm a teacher ICT/Electronics/IT at KALeuven. And have my own business RUBBERDUCK.BE and working freelance for

So this Mini Arcade thing was just something I had to make. This was my world in early days.

A R C A D E  G A M E S all over the time..

Yves Goris


Its always fun to design and print your own stuff. I really like the japanese/modern style arcade cabinets, so i tried to resemble one with this build.

You will need a big printing volume/bed. The button panel is slightly larger than 25x25 cm. We made an Ultimaker at KAL and a bigger one at VDBA Leuven.

Print on glass (mirror) for smooth finish. Use spray to make prints stick perfect.

Assembly is very easy. I only used screws for the joystick. Everything else is held together with friction, hotglue and zipties.

Inside there is an Arcade button controller connected to the RasPi 3b+ with an USB connection.

Shorten the usb cables and stuff as much as possible to save room, it's small.. =)

The button holes on the buttonpanel are 28mm. I used a cheap 7inch 1024x600 monitor. The speakers are 2inch 3w speakers and I use an amplifier with volume controle for them. Use rubber adhesive pads for the feet.

Everything is powered through the usb ports of the tv box.

By Yves Goris
  • Applied Arts/Printing

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