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What do we do and why?

Air pollution is a global concern linked to 8.8M deaths annually (WHO, 2019), that is not faced equally by all.

LogAir aims to empower citizens interested in mapping the quality of the air they breathe to help them adapt their behaviour, reduce the impact on their health, and advocate for more sustainable cities. Our goal is to provide real-time, user-centered information on a city scale.

To this extent, we developed an open source mobile pollution device that maps PM2.5 concentration in the air.

Where do we work?

LogAir has developed device-building workshops in Geneva, Switzerland and Dali City, China, and hopes to keep expanding!


All technical documentation can be found in our GitHub repository.


LogAir was born as part of Emmanuel Kellner's Masters in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability project at University of Geneva & University of Tsinghua. As part of this work he developed the device and workshops in Dali City, China.

Julieta Arancio had started in 2018 a similar project, ETER monitor, in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Julieta moved to Geneva where she worked with Emmanuel as a mentor in the Geneva-Tsinghua Summer School and later joined LogAir.

  • Critical Thinking /Innovation
  • Critical Thinking /SDGS
  • Design/Product Design
  • Humanities/Wellness
  • Public Sphere/Education

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