#289 You Can('t) Hug Me

'At first glance, the transparancy of the acrylic sheet and the harsh glove colours show a sterile and uneasy device. Evoking social anxiety and an impossibility of social contact, one can not imagine hugging another human being when wearing this. It's a cold even desparate image of loneliness. A world without syncing, without family, friends or soulmates. 

But allowing interventions by viewers in the art gallery, in a simple movement and touch, the arms can be crossed, thus showing a hug. The artwork becomes a positive symbol of care and tenderness, using the exact same tools used to protect us from the corona virus. Tools that are proof of human intelligence to overcome the current pandemic. Rather than loneliness, the artwork turns into a sign of hope and dreams of a tender and warm future' 

Art piece using elements of COVID protection © 2020

Acrylic sheets and gloves.

By Jan Van Mol
  • Culture/Art


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