#295 Between Clouds and Oceans

Between Clouds and Oceans is a collaborative series initiated by the Water Initiative at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) and the QinTheory Studio. In each item of this series, a message from the water will be embodied by an article written by a researcher from IHEID and a piece of channeled artwork from artist Charlotte Qin. 

Water is the origin of all lives but also indispensable to the identity and cosmology of our ancestors. Following where water flows Between Clouds and Oceans, the collaboration aims to create an ethnographic collage about water tangential to the international discourse on water governance, water diplomacy, and natural resource management. We hope that this artistic collaboration will help us unlock our long-sought answers to creating peace and living in harmony with one another through learning from water

Full articles and virtual exhibition:

By Charlotte Qin
  • Business/International relations
  • Culture/Art

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