#187 Ikebana

And then I felt dispossessed of space and time, apostrophied, I had from now on to remain in the immobile and the intimacy of the home for a duration of which I did not know the deadline. There was a sense of confinement which sought to inhabit my days without beginning or end, and which I had to face in order not to be damaged. So as in a box where we preserve what we have precious, an alcove where we put what suits us to the look and to the soul, I presented the home to my mind as being the frame of a blank canvas and I invited it to escape there in the suspended time. Free to open the doors of the imagination and with this need to look outside, it was the manifestations of spring that exalted my thoughts. The branches of cherry, apple and plum blossoms that I saw gently blooming every day through the window spoke to me. They evoked hope and time which truly does not stop and goes at its natural rhythm. The painting of this flowering nature echoed my reflections, like notes on a score, a syntony that I could visualize, that I could decline into images, where I could compose shapes and elements. To choose a branch for its lines, as much as for its flowers and leaves, to arrange it in a vase which underlines its character and to stage it in an alcove in the manner of Ikebana had become obvious. Thus, my images hope to resonate with the Ikebana, the Wabi-style Nageire style from which they are inspired. A school where the rules of the Ikebana were simplified to enter all houses when previously it was reserved for the aristocracy. There is a quest for harmony between asymmetry, space and depth to bring out the beauty of a refined floral composition where each element carries meaning. Thus the bud and the button symbolize the future, the open flower evokes blooming while the lichen refers to the past and asymmetry brings the idea of ​​life and movement.

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