#356 Kitko

Most toys become obsolete in just a few weeks. Children quickly outgrow their toys, or their desirability wanes over a short period of time. Other toys break down or no longer work if they are missing a piece. What happens to a toy when it is no longer played with? The unfortunate truth is that 80% of all toys end up in landfills, incinerators or in our oceans.

Kitko emerged as a way to re-think the disposability of toys and play structures.  Kitko is a kit of 50 cardboard pieces (with a couple extra ones just in case) that can be assembled into a geodesic dome, as well as other inventive structures.  It comes with manuals (and a video) to guide you through the process of building several of them, and also allows children to explore and build their own structures. No connectors are required as the pieces just lock into each other.  KITKO is a fantastic way to introduce kids to STEM education in the most playful way.  A KITKO kit encourages kids to think critically and problem-solve through trial and error.  Building with KITKO is a great introduction to engineering principles, and also a great way to show kids that they can make something extraordinary with very ordinary materials.  

Additionally, given its low material cost, it could be affordable to children all around the world!

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By Monica Freundt
  • Applied Arts/Crafts
  • architecture/industrial architecture
  • Critical Thinking /SDGS
  • Design/Product Design
  • Nature/Environment


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