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About the Project

At the moment we're all in a dark place due to the COVID-19 virus, a lot of creative people are self-isolating, many of us are anxious and/or lonely and all of us can use a bit (or preferably, a lot!) of beauty to cheer each other up. We therefore propose to re-baptize this forced ‘self-isolation’ to ‘self-retreat’ and to start looking for beauty as a much-needed creative response and antidote to the current situation.  We can all dig out work of our digital archive, or create something new from what we have in the confinement that we are currently subjected to.

We plan to do a curated innovative digital platform exhibition with all the works of beauty as an antidote to the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 challenge and if possible to also make a book or dedicated magazine afterwards to help fund the new activist ‘Creatives for a Better World’ online platform that we were preparing to launch when the virus hit us. 

Will you help us and join in this curated collective response? And can you ask other true creatives from around the world to take part as well? All you need to do is look in your archives to find something that represents what YOU think is beautiful.  Anything goes, so you can submit images, photography, artwork, illustration, poetry, video, music and visual gif artwork ... Or you can of course also create something entirely new, or make a re-edit of unpublished personal work, if you prefer that. Register, join this Beauty For A Better World art project and upload your work.

Read more below under 'Inspiration' and add you ideas.

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How to post to this project?  How does it work? Download this pdf for guidance in registering, linking to this project and uploading your work.




What is the definition and purpose of pure Beauty to you? Can you describe the creative process that inspires you to create Beauty?


 Do you have examples of how Beauty can arise from moments of crisis? What are your hopes for humanity in a post COVID-19 world? 


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